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Updated: Jun 20, 2020


   Hello, I'm Pennie Sibby! CEO & Founder of Billionairess Royal Kisses…I personally would like to welcome you to my 'Queendom' of beauty! Before I get into the dynamics of my beauty business, I'd like to first give thanks to God for the gift of vision and creativity! And secondly, thank you to my family and friends who supported my vision of becoming the successful businesswoman I am today. And believe me, you haven't seen anything yet! So blessed that God is prospering my brand to new levels as I grow and take on challenges in the business that I never imagined I could. My passion and purpose drives me to learn more, educate myself and empower those who seek to be more in life unapologetically. Yes, I have a growing business that I consistently work hard for and I'm grateful for the opportunities that are bestowed upon me. Nevertheless, I still thrive for 'perfection' as a professional in the beauty industry. I pride myself in creating unlimited boundaries in business in the hopes of building generational wealth for my family and their families. My brand is evolving every day. Therefore, I am also evolving…I am…'BILLIONAIRESS'!

                  FIT FOR A QUEEN

   ...Anyone can be a Queen with 'Billionairess Royal Kisses'...The name says it all! So,let's dig into a little 'royal' history behind the scenes… 5 years ago, I was inspired yet intrigued by the concept of a liquid lipstick transformed into a 'dry' lipstick as I worked for an affiliated company to sell their liquid matte lippies. Unfortunately, that endeavor was short lived due to complaints of harmful smells of chemicals and paint, and the difficult tasks of removing the matte lipstick itself! Shortly after, I conceptualized my own process of creating bold, bright, and vivid colors in order to deliver a less abrasive product in creating the 'perfect' liquid matte lipstick! I located a small manufacturer  based in California until I finally had to cut out the middle man due to several factors including the company I was utilizing closed down. So, at this point and time it was solely on me to rediscover and redistribute my order of business. I knew I had to start all over again and put in the work!  In April 2015, the rebirth of 'Billionairess Royal Kisses' had  emerged from the earth as I navigated a brand NEW concept to hand create, and hand mix every single one of my products! I educated myself on chromatics, colorimetry, and pigmentation in order to present a professional and effective approach within my brand. I put the products in the bottles myself after measuring, tweaking and taking time to ensure the product is ready to be sold. I am my own 'inspection' department. I am my own chemistry professor...I do the hard research and labored for years to get to where I am...And I still demand excellence from myself. This is what real Queen's are made of….

              THRONE OF BEAUTY

   As a strong leader and 'womanpreneur' in the beauty industry...My products are exceptionally created for that business woman who knows exactly who she is. She isn't afraid of change and she believes in herself wholeheartedly. She advances herself in life by doing what she deems necessary to align herself with other like minded goddesses and queens. She walks around with her crown fixed on her head as a regal queen. She's as soft as a black butterfly yet wisdom and strength is her fortress. Her melancholy is that of royalty and nothing less. If you're not a business woman, never fear…'Billionairess Royal Kisses' will certainly accommodate your mood, your vibe and your personality with an array of alluring colors and hues! All products are hand customized and created to give you the look you've always desired and deserved. Craving a customized colour? Yasss,we do that too!

              YOUR ROYAL HEIRESS

  Thank you for allowing me this amazing opportunity to share with you a journey of beauty and humbleness. I am excited to expound on new adventures and new discoveries for each and every customer while giving them the royal treatment in the highest standards. Myself and my team are committed to growth, knowledge and hands on experience. We do not settle for mediocrity. This is your personal VIP invitation to share the news about a brand in the makings of becoming a billionaire cosmetics company. This company's foundation is people over profit. That's right! You heard it first...We put our beautiful customer's first in all that we accomplish...with accountability and responsibility. We love our 'Billionairess' family and we thank you for trusting our brand to help create the most incredibly beautiful people on earth..YOU!

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